Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Star Elementary 5th graders

The teacher, Ms. Linda Thompson brought her 5th grade students of Star Elementary School this morning, and they made "Clay house" in our clay studio. This clay house project was related to their year long research about their family roots and culture, and STARworks Ceramics prepared lots of clay slabs for this project.

Firstly, Santiago took them to STARworks clay factory and told where materials of our local clay mix come from, and also how we process clay. Then students watched demonstration how to make clay house by Okeeweemee clay and started building their house on a banding wheel. It was only one hour class but they did great job.

Those houses will be dried, bisqued and glaze fired in three weeks and return to them. Thank you for coming to clay studio and hope students had great time.

Thanks to:
Star Elementary School
Santiago Ramirez
Anne Partna

Monday, March 1, 2010

Coiled Large Jar Workshop 3/1

We had a Coiled Large Jar workshop today and it was really successful class. Everyone did great job and made a large jar. Thank you for your participation.
And special thanks for your support to:
Wayne Shiver
Santiago Ramirez
Evan Morgan