Friday, July 6, 2012

Clay Camp: Class 2

Clay Camp Intermediate was successfully done. There were 25 students, lots of projects and students works, and 1000 pounds of STArworks clay were gone in a week. I was also glad there were11 students from last year's clay camp and it made me feel good. Thank you for your hard work.

Ben Owen came on the 2nd day and taught them wheel throwing

How lucky they are!

MaryElaine Bernard who are clay artist and teacher in Louisiana taught about making sclupture

Special thanks to:
Ben Owen, Seagrove Potter
MaryElaine Bernard, Ceramic Artist and Teacher in Louisiana
Greg Bender, Art Teacher of Green Ridge Elementary School in Biscoe
Anne Partna, STARworks Garden Coordinator and Seagrove Potter
Susan Yets, STARworks Ceramics Residency Artist
And of course, Takuro Shibata and Santiago Ramirez