Saturday, June 23, 2012

Clay Camp: Class 1

Just quick update.

Clay Camp Class 1 was all done successfully and everyone made great final project on Friday.
There were 28 students, lots of lots of pots, and 1000 pounds of clay in five days. 

Great job!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clay Camp is ready

I finally finished up studio setting up for Clay Camp 2012. 
There will be two classes this year, and totally 53 students! 
Individual work space for hand building

Wheel Throwing space
Snack Break area
We just had four electric wheels last year and students shared wheels but it was only15 minutes/person for practicing wheel throwing a day. This year, Shimpo Ceramics is so kind and offered that SWC can borrow 5 electric Shimpo wheels for educational program in our clay studio, so that we just need to divide two or three groups for sharing wheels and students can use it much longer than last year. It will make a big difference!

I just can't to wait. HAHAHA

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Great Weekend

STARworks Ceramics is pleased the Open House with Shimpo USA and Cone Art Kiln went very well and there were many people came to see the event. Thank you all so much.

It was a lot of work for all staff of STARworks Ceramics (especially clean up the huge space), and we are happy the event was a great success. We really appreciate Yosuke Koizumi's & Karen Wise's wonderful demonstrations and lectures, and Ian Chung's useful&helpful lecture of electric kiln. 

Here is the photo gallery of the great weekend we had.
Welcome to STARworks Ceramics
Pug mill maintenance man
Lots of equipment and people
Can I help you?
Ian explained about kiln for people
Break time
Yosuke's demonstration
he showed how to make a giant bowl
great pots by great clay!
Karen's lecture about native American pots

Ian's lecture
a bicycle?
Ben Owen & Dan Finch
Tom Gray
Angela&Eddie, Wetdog Glass

Thanks, STARworks Girls
Pizza party after the long day
Great job everyone!

Thank you for your cooperation!