Monday, March 30, 2009

Large Bowl/ Platter Workshop

STARworks Ceramics start new program "Special Workshop Series" in this Spring and there was the first workshop "Large Bowl/Platter Workshop" today. Participants worked very hard and made nice large bowls and platters.Thank you for taking part in this workshop. Hope you learned something useful.

There are also "Japanese Teapot Workshop" in April, and "Basic Plaster Mold Making Workshop" in May, but both classes got full.

Because many people are still interested in those classes, STARworks Ceramics will have extra classes in June. Details will be announced very soon.


Michael Mahan said...


I'm glad to see you are succeeding, even though your located "Way on down yonder, summers (somewheres)."



H said...


Way yon dan yon dan younder!
Yon Dar sounds like "I did read it" in Japanese. So it sounds funny!

Thanks for letting me know the misspelling today.