Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer School Group Visit 1

STARworks host Montgomery County Summer School group visit today and tomorrow. They see Glass Blowing Demonstration, have Trail and Garden Tour, Biofuel plant tour, and pottery making class in our clay studio.

It's just short workshop, so we prepared small jug for everyone and they made "Face jug" which is this area tradition. Some kids had experiences of pottery making but mostly don't. They worked hard and enjoyed making small face jugs with STARworks Ceramics staff. Pots will be fired and returned in three weeks. We will have another group tomorrow. It's fun!

Lots of nice face jugs, and lots of smiles:)

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tsbroome said...

It's great to see you introducing so many kids to clay. Look at all those happy faces! My friend James Ward, does a class like this for his summer camps in Carrboro. He will make a bunch of jugs and have the kids create the faces. They always look so amazing. Everyone seems to be having a wonderful time at your studio!