Friday, August 28, 2009

Open House went well

We had Open House tonight and lots of people came to see us. Thank you so much for coming! There were many good foods include Sushi and lots of drinks. We hope you enjoyed this event tonight and you will love our new cone 6 local clays.

Now STARworks Ceramics start selling cone 6 white stoneware (STARwhite 6) and cone 6 brown stoneware (Okeewemee 6). Those clays are very local clay mix and it's very very plastic. Please try and let us know your opinion.


Michael Mahan said...

STARworks Ceramics is one of the best things to happen in Seagrove recently. Thank you Nancy, Takuro, Hitomi, Santiago and everyone else involved. I can't wait to fire my first pieces using the newest local clay blend, "Okeewemee 6."



kriips said...

Open house was a blast. I've been using the STARwhite cone 10 some, and threw STARwhite cone6 last night and I love the way both throw!!! Keep up the good work amigos!