Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A letter from parents

A Happy New Year!

Thank you for supporting STARworks Ceramics and hope it's going to be a great year for everyone.

We received a nice letter from a person whose child took pottery making class at STARworks Ceramics last year, and we want to reference it because it's very good news.


My oldest son and I made a visit to STARworks this summer with Communities in School. While there he made this great Pirate Jug that he was very proud of. He then entered it in the NC State Fair under the 4-H Division and won 2nd place with it. Donny said that he saw our picture on one of the boards that were set for display when he was doing the tour during the Annual Meeting. I thought you could let them know how well he enjoyed it and also how successful he was. I wish I had thought to take him back and do Christmas presents for people. Tell them that can be an angle for next year for them.




Congratulations! and we are so glad to hear it.

STARworks Ceramics want to continue these kind of hands-on pottery programs for local children for future. Your any support, donation, suggestion and helpful opinion are needed.

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Nancy G. said...

Very cool!