Monday, August 16, 2010

4-H Group

STARworks Ceramics welcomed a kids group from Stanly county in the end of June. They made lots of nice face jugs by using STARworks local clay. They are 4-H group and making pots by local clay must be good experience for their hands-on project. Pots are bisqued, glazed and fired by STARworks Ceramics and it looks pretty good.
Thank you for coming to STARworks and hope come back making pots again!

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Tracey Broome said...

Nice to see Hitomi back at the studio!
I meant to email and tell you that the last time I was there with my daughter, she commented that your place had really good energy and she felt very good there. How could it not, right?! Joseph Sand gave me some of your white ^10 to try with my barns so if they survive a firing in his kiln, I may start using it, I'll let you know the results! Great face jugs by the kids!!