Friday, October 29, 2010

Central Park NC Annual Gathering was successful!

Dr. Jones gave a speech
It was a big night. There was Central Park NC Annual Gathering last night and lots of people came to join the party. This year, we had speakers talked about local farming and we learned how important to use local grown products. It same as using local clays which STARworks Ceramics produce in our clay factory since 2008.

Central Park/ STARworks want people to realize we had better buy local products because lots of e-good things (like economy, environment, employment and education) will come back to us later on. Might not to us right a way, but to our children and to our future.

a tour in the clay factory
Mac and Phil (Wet Dog Glass) try pouring casting iron
Great foods
STARworks Bio Fuel Oils and Oil Lamps
As a big surprising, director of STARworks CeramicsTakuro Shibata received  "cowboy award" as the most contributed worker of STARworks and he got a glass cowboy hat. Because he set up and made many good things and possibilities from zero since 2005. But he said, the award is not only for him but for all of us. 
Takuro received a "cowboy award"
Thank you for supporting us and please keep getting involved.
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