Friday, January 20, 2012

New Products arrived!

We are very pleased STARworks Ceramics starts selling Shimpo USA pottery products!

Electric kiln, Pugmill Mixer(NVS-07) and Pumill(NRA-04)

Electric wheels for table and banding wheels
Electric wheels (VL-Light and VL Whisper)
Slab Roller (SR-3050)
Shimpo Industrial Company is the most well-known ceramic equipment company in Kyoto, Japan which established in 1952. Their pottery products are very reliable for pottery businesses and also schools all over the world. 

Now we have Shimpo electric wheels, Slab roller, Pugmills, banding wheels, Bats, Coneart Electric kiln, stools for wheels, and lots of information of other Shimpo products in our supply shop. 

Shimpo products information

If you need price info, please call/ email us.
STARwirks Ceramics office: 910-428-9007
Email: info at

Shimpo USA website:


Michael Mahan said...

Very nice!

Hitomi said...

Thanks, Michael
Please stop by soon!