Friday, March 15, 2013

Clay Camp 2013 Update

Clay Camp 1, Beginners: June 17 - 21
24 people max
age 7 - 10 years old, no experience needed

Clay Camp 2, Intermediate: June 24 - 28
20 people max
age 9 - 12 years old, must have an experience of making pottery especially wheel throwing

Clay Camp 3, Advanced: July 8 - 12
10 people max
age 12 - 15 years old, must be able to use electric wheel without support, prefered to attend clay camp in last two years or equivalent experience. Students will concentrate wheel throwing and also make high quality sculpture with professional artists. Required self motivation and strong interest for arts.

Related Schedule
Aug 5 - 9 Summer Camp Show installation in the STARworks gallery
Aug 12 - 16 Summer Camp Show in the STARworks Gallery

Cost: $85 per student
Drop Off: 11:30am - 12pm
Class: 12pm - 3pm  (1:30-1:50 Snack Break)
Pick Up: 3pm - 3:30pm
* students may bring own lunch and eat before class begins in the clay studio eating area

Guest Artist: Ben Owen, Eck McCanless, Rosa Patton, MaryElaine Bernard

If you are interested, please call to 910-428-9007 or email to

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