Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower Pot Workshop was successful

There was a flower pot workshop at clay studio tonight again and we got a lot of flower pots. Thank you very much for coming and supporting STARworks.

Special thanks to:
Bruce and Gloria (Bull Dog Pottery), Meredith and Mark (Whynot Pottery), David (David Stuempfle Pottery), Mike (From the Ground Up), Tim and Robin, Evan (Wet Dog Glass), Kacy (NC Wild Life Resources Commission), Mr. and Mrs. Cook (Kacy's Parents), Crystal, Mike, Anne, Adam, Santiago, Takuro (STARworks)


mahanpots said...

It was great fun to sit down with several potters from Seagrove and make some flower pots for a good cause. Starworks Ceramics is blooming into a top-notch, professional organization.

Thanks Hitomi and Takuro, for coming to Seagrove.


Joe and Christy said...

y'all are doing such good things for the area. and ken is getting so big-- we want to see more pictures of him!


H said...


Thank you for your cooperation. It was the first time to have that kind of workshop, and STARworks is very pleased many potters came and joined it.

Because it's not so good economy everywhere, we should do something good.

Thanks again and we appreciate your kindness and contribution.

H said...


Hello, how are you? You must have much snow up there. It was snowing last night here and we got 2
or 3 inch snow in Westmoore. Some area have much more. Incredible.

This workshop was really successful and we got a lot of flower pots in the studio because our friends helped and supported us. STARworks Garden will have an event for fund raising in May, so it'll be nice event, I think.

After this snow, it'll be spring for garden. I really can't wait.