Saturday, June 20, 2009

Japanese Teapot Workshop 6/20

We had Japanese Teapot Workshop in the clay studio and it was really successful. Not only making teapots but we talked about teapots in western and eastern, and we shared techniques which we each have. Thank you very much for participating this workshop!

Now STArworks Ceramics is making plan for Special Workshop Series in Fall 2009. We want to hear from you about what kind of workshop you would like to take. Please email us if you have any suggestions. We would like to make good educational programs for potters (from beginner to professional) and make use of studio space for good programs.


tsbroome said...

I would love to take one of your teapot workshops, but always seem to be too late. Please do more and put me on the list for one!

H said...

Dear Tracey

Thank you for your comment. We are going to make interesting hands-on workshop at STARworks Ceramics studio in this fall as well. We will inform class description by newsletters, e-news letters, website and blog. You can give us request if you have specific theme you want. -- Hitomi (STARworks Ceramics)

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for the workshop. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone. The information you shared about Japan was quite interesting. The tips and techniques you shared will be very helpful. I am looking forward to doing another workshop with you. Thanks for sharing your special tea with us, it was very nice. I plan to be using my teapot soon.
Regina Staples

Eoline said...

Hi Hitomi, Takuro and Ken,

Thank you for the teapot workshop! It was wonderful! I came home and started on a new teapot series. Please let me know when you will do another workshop. I would love to do a private lesson on the large bowls and platters if you are able this summer. Eoline Killough

H said...

Dear Regina,

Thank you for your comment, and also taking this class. I had really good time with you all. Teapot is one of the most difficult pots to make, but also challenging and fun table wares. If you can make really nice teapot, you can make anything. Please try and keep making teapot, and stop by STARworks to show your best work! Hitomi

H said...

>Dear Eoline

Thank you for your comment and attending this class. It was good to talk to you about English ceramics with you. Japanese ceramics has strong connection with English ceramics because of the Mingei Movement (Leach, Hamada), so it was good research trip to England for me in 2006.

STArworks is making a plan to have another special workshops in this Fall, and we will send that info by newsletter. Thank you for your participation and we are looking forward to work with you soon! Hitomi