Monday, June 1, 2009

Star Heritage Day Festival

There will be an exciting event which is "Star Heritage Day Festival" on June 6th (Sat), starts from 9am (this weekend!) in Star town.

STARworks will have booth set up in front of the entrance and we will celebrate our New Senior Walking Trail. STARworks also have a Planter Pots and Plants Sale which is a fund raising for STARworks and all profits from the sale will be used for STARworks programs.

STARworks Ceramics has been firing lots of planter pots and it's all done, and STARworks Garden is planting flowers and herbs in those hand made planters. Bulldog Pottery will have a Kiln Opening from 9am-5am.
And many more things to see.

Please come and join the Star Heritage Day Festival with us.


Anonymous said...

Hello . . . I have heard much about your business and will have to visit. I am friends with many NC potters and I am a potter and Art Teacher living in Eastern NC. I have a tremendous afinity for Japanese ceramics. I also wood fire with Dan Finch. I load, fire (with hekp) and unload his anagama.

H said...

Dear Benjamin

Thank you for your comment. We are looking forward to seeing you. Hitomi